Dr. M. (Matthias) Möller

zbMATH http://zbmath.org/authors/?q=ai:moller.matthias

Short CV:

PhD-Thesis (TU Dortmund University, 2003-2008): Matthias Möller got his PhD in 2008 on adaptive high-resolution finite element schemes for transport problems. During his work on so-called algebraic flux correction (AFC) schemes, he considered discrete Newton methods for AFC-type discretisations and developed a time-dynamic adaptive FEM code for the compressible Euler equations.

Postdoc (TU Dortmund University, 2008-2013): He spent four and a half year as PostDoc researcher at TU Dortmund University giving lectures on continuous and discontinuous finite element methods with special emphasis on flow problems. He worked as co-PI in the CRC 708 '3D-Surface Engineering of Tools for Sheet Metal Forming - Manufacturing, Modelling. Machining'.

Assistant Professor (DIAM, Delft University of Technology,
2013-present): Since September 2013 he is working at assistant professor at TU Delft in the numerical analysis group.

Research interest:

* Finite elements for computational fluid dynamics
* Implicit high-resolution schemes for convection dominated transport problems
* Discrete Newton methods for flux limiting schemes
* Mesh adaptation for stationary and time-dependent flows
* Goal-oriented error estimation for transport problems