Prof.dr. F.M. Dekking

Prof.dr. F.M. Dekking


Phone: +31 15 27 83259 
Room:  HB06.080

Short CV:

July  1997 - now          Full professor, faculty EEMCS, Delft University of Technology 
Dec. 1985 - July 1997  Associate professor, faculty TWI, Delft University of Technology 
Sept.1981 - Dec.1985  Assistant professor, faculty TWI, Delft University of Technology 
Sept.1977 - Sept.1981 Assistant professor, Mathematical Institute, University of Nijmegen 
Sept.1975 - Sept.1977 Attache de Recherche, C.N.R.S., Universite de Rennes 
Sept.1974 - Sept.1975 Assistant professor, Mathematical Institute, University of Amsterdam

Recent invitations:
Invited speaker at the Colloquium in honor of Michel Mendes France at the Universite de Bordeaux I, September 11-14, 2000. 
Uitgenodigd spreker op de conferentie "Ondelettes et fractales", Faculte de Sciences de Monastir, Tunesie, 19-22 mei 2001. 
Invited professor at East China Normal University, Shanghai, May 7 2005 till May 22 2005. 
Invited speaker at The International Conference on Applicable Harmonic Analysis (Hanzhou, China), May 23-27, 2005. 
Invited professor at University of Warwick, August 27-September 3, 2006. 
Invited speaker at "Analysis of Algorithms", Alden-Biesen (Belgie), July 2-8, 2006. 
Invited professor at Technical University Budapest, October 24-28, 2006. 
Invited speaker at "Conference in honor of Jacques Peyriere", Monastir, September 8-15, 2007. 
Invited professor, Universite de Clermont-Ferrand, June 2008.

Five key publications
1. The spectrum of dynamical systems arising from substitutions of constant length. ahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und verw. Gebiete 41 (1978), 221-239. 
2. Recurrent sets. Advances in Math. 44 (1982), 78-104. 
3. On transience and recurrence of generalized random walks. Z. Wahrsch. verw. Geb. 61 (1982), 459-465. 
4. The boundary of the attractor of a recurrent iterated function system (with P.van der Wal), Fractals 10 (2002), 77-89. 
5. On the size of the algebraic dierence of two random Cantor sets (with K.Simon). Random Structures and Algorithms 32 (2008),  205 {222) .