Prof.dr. R.M. Cooke

Prof.dr. R.M. Cooke


Chauncey Starr Chair for Risk Analysis
Resources for the Future
1616 P St. NW
Washington DC 20036-1400
also Department of Mathematics at TU Delft.


Short CV:


B.A. Yale University 1968,

Ph.D. Yale University 1974 (Philosophy and Mathematics). 

Academic honors 

Phi Beta Kappa, Highest Honors in Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude (Yale University) 


Teaching assistant Yale University 1972-73 (Dept. of Philosophy)

Assistant Professor, Yale University: 1974 (Dept. of Philosophy)

Assistant Professor, University of Amsterdam 1975 -79(Dept. of Philosophy)

Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology, 1979-87 (Dept. of Philosophy)

Associate Professor, Delft University of Technology, 1987-93 (Dept. of Mathematics).

Professor Applied Decision Theory,  1993 - (Dept. of Mathematics).

Chauncey Starr Senior Fellow for Risk Analysis, Resources for the Future, 2005


Research interest:

Current areas of specialization:

Statistical Decision Theory including:

- Risk Analysis

- Subjective Probability / Expert Judgment

- Uncertainty Analysis

- Decision Theory

Areas of Teaching competence

- Operations Research

- Game Theory

- Probability/Statistics