Master Projects


  1. Multivariate statistical analysis on waste incineration process. Info: Juan Juan Cai Master thesis project TUDelft
  2. Analyse van invloeden op transformatorgeluid, begeleiding: Joris Bierkens, in samenwerking met Tennet (beheerder Nederlands hoogspanningsnetwerk),
  3. Adjusted ranking: ontwikkelen van een methodiek om gecensureerde data te modelleren en plotten, begeleiding: Geurt Jongbloed, in samenwerking met Tennet (beheerder Nederlands hoogspanningsnetwerk),
  4. Statistical analysis/modelling of data from durability tests of organic sustainable building material. Info Frank v.d. Meulen.
  5. SBM Schiedam B.V. Non-linear probability distributions for roll motions. Info Frank v.d. Meulen.

It is possible to have an internal MSc-project in our group. Via the personal pages, you can find information on the research interest of individual group members and if you see common interest, feel free to contact us.
Also, we have many contacts in institutions, companies, academic hospitals etc. If you are interested in an external project in a certain specific direction of application, contact one of our group members to discuss the possibilities.