Assessing mathematical competencies in university service mathematics courses

Annoesjka Cabo, Jacqueline Wong, Nathalie van der Wal, Ellissavet Papageorgiou

To educate future competent engineers, it is crucial to adopt teaching and learning approaches that support students in dealing with highly complex problems [1]. One strategy is to enhance service mathematics in higher engineering education by shifting from outcome-centered to competence-centered approaches [2]. This strategy is examined and adopted at TU Delft in PRIME to design effective service mathematics courses in higher engineering education.

SEFI2021 Workshop

In this workshop, we explored how to create a viable and resilient educational model for developing mathematical competencies, described in the Framework of Mathematics Curricula in Engineering Education [2, 3]. Additionally, we discussed how the development of mathematical competencies can be facilitated by leveraging technology in blended and remote learning environments. The aim of this workshop is to start a process via a living document which serves to share and create material and expertise in teaching, learning and assessing the mathematical competencies. We presented the preliminary results of a pilot study where maths lecturers at TU Delft assessed the level of transfer of mathematical competencies by learning activities developed in PRIME.

Survey on Assessing Mathematical Competencies

The survey assessing the level of transfer and achievement of mathematical competencies is now sent around the world, to collect more data from various universities. If you are interested to participate in the survey click here.



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