Student reviews

To improve education within the courses of PRIME, several instruments to measure these improvements are being used.

In order to collect information from students, the so-called “Continue, Start, Stop Surveys” are being conducted regularly. Students are given the opportunity to indicate what they would like us to continue, start or stop doing. The response on this survey is high, about 75% of the students hand it in. Some remarks from this survey:

  • Continue …… using interactive quiz questions.
  • Start …... explaining more and hard examples.
  • Stop …... spending too much time on questions from the previous lecture.

Feedback from the CSS-survey has led to dedicate more resources to giving partial credits in Grasple exam and to create interactive visuals for topics which are difficult to grasp intuitively. 

Furthermore, College Response Groups among students are being set up to find out if the improvements within the PRIME courses have led to the desired effect. After collecting written responses, students, the PRIME management and lecturers come together to discuss them.

Also, to keep the quality of the education high, results of surveys will be collected in EvaSys (the TU Delft evaluation system) and analysed. Students give answers to questions which are interesting for PRIME, such as:

  • Does the teacher explain the subject clearly?
  • Are the materials that are being used up to date?
  • Was the exam a clear reflection on the treated materials?

All collected feedback will be taken into account while improving the courses.

Remarks from students:

"those videos really helped me"

"it is nice that the lessons are always linked to a pre-lecture video"


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