Work in Progress

In every area of expertise, a scientific coordinator works together with lecturers and student assistants to ensure that the materials and the blended way of teaching remain updated. This academic year, the focus of the programme will be on Calculus, Differential Equations and Probability and Statistics. With experts from the different departments, we desire to create context videos to construct a bridge between Mathematics and the application domain.

Calculus for Science will in the long-term be the unified Calculus and Analysis courses at Physics, Aerospace Engineering and Nanobiology. This semester, we are bringing the Analysis course for Physics within the PRIME framework, which involves creating new pre-lecture video’s, slidepacks and polling questions. Committed colleagues are Sven, Fokko, Maarten, Paul and Thomas. 

Calculus for engineering, with CTB1001-16, AESB1211, and WBMT1050. The main change will be the transition to a new book as reference literature. Nelson, Tom, Erdal, Teun and Niek will make this transition a C∞ function.

Differential Equations. In this improvement cycle, we focus on unifying the courses AESB2110 and CTB2100. A second goal is to have additional learning activities in order to justify the extra credits for AESB2110. Nelson, André, Ingeborg, Maarten, Marleen, René and Lisanne are in charge of meeting these goals.