One Package PV-storage Module (OPPM)

The uncertainty and uncontrollability of the solar irradiation is an important challenge for energy systems. This may lead to unreliability in the electricity supply. A way to cope with this, is by incorporating energy storage systems to supply energy when solar energy is not available. 

Furthermore, it is also known that the cost of the solar systems has to be reduced in order to compete with other renewable energy sources, particularly with fossil fuels. The installation costs of solar systems nowadays represent roughly 60% of the total initial cost. This cost could be reduced by incorporating the battery, DC/DC converter, charge controller, DC/AC microinverter and intelligent power management as a compact unit at the back side of the PV module.  

The intelligent power management will charge the battery of the solar panel in moments when there is high solar illumination and no power consumption in the house and directly feed the loads when there is power consumption. 

In order to integrate the components mentioned above at the backside of the PV module, several studies related to thermal management, electric configuration and optimal energy storage have to be performed. This PhD study focuses on these aspects.

VĂ­ctor Vega Garita

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