Online space charge measurements of high voltage cables

Project description

This research comprises the study of different technologies for space charge measurements that can be applied in online operational HVDC cables.

Polymer-insulated HVDC cables systems provide several technical and economic advantages compared to lapped cable systems. Nevertheless, HVDC polymeric cables suffer from the space charge phenomena, which modify the electric field of the insulation system. As a consequence, when the distortion of the electric field reaches the limit of the material, the insulation breaks down producing the failure of the component.

It is needed to know the operational cable limits in order to prevent HVDC cable failures and to explore the possibilities of high efficiency transmission lines. Since space charges are a limiting factor for HVDC cable operation, it is needed to develop online space charge measuring systems that can monitor and inform the system operator about the cable status.

Nowadays exist several non-destructive methods for space charge measurements, but none of them can provide information for full size cables during operation.

Research objectives

To understand the acoustic and mechanical properties of the insulating materials.

  • To create acoustic and electrical models of the samples and measuring setups.
  • To develop a method that can measure the space charge on full size cables during operation
  • Build an embedded sensor design for HV cables (prototype).

Guillermo Andres Mier

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