Reconfigurable DC links

Reconfigurable DC Links as Flexible Backbone to Future MV/LV Distribution Grids

Project description

Increasing integration of dispersed renewable energy sources in existing electricity supply systems have enabled bidirectional power flows in the distribution networks. New energy consumers like electric vehicles have changed the localized energy consumption patterns, introducing more complexity to the grid operability.

Infrastructural complexity and investment costs are required for maintaining sufficient and optimized power flow to cope with localized demand deficits and quality of supply at acceptable voltage deviations. Distribution network operators should have adequate flexibility and control on grid operation.

It is anticipated that reconfigurable dc links employing power electronic devices with advanced controls and protection algorithms can offer added flexibility to the grids. The vision is to introduce reconfigurable dc links as a flexible backbone to future distribution grids in order to enable a smooth transitioning from ac to dc transmission systems.

Reconfigurable dc links can increase the existing capacity, without which the network operators will be forced to expand, incurring additional costs. Furthermore, undesired smart grid phenomena like increased dynamic behaviour due to greater fluctuations in load and generation, decreased power quality, increased harmonic distortion, reactive power demand and decrease of system inertia may be mitigated. 

In this respect, the deliverables include transmitting active power, injecting reactive power for power factor correction, voltage support, frequency stability and mitigation of harmonic distortion along with corresponding contingency analysis and protection aspects.

Aditya Shekhar

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