Solar E-bike station

The goal is to create a stand-alone solar powered eBike charging station which is power neutral. A prototype of the eBike charging station is to be built and demonstrated on the university campus. By placing the eBike charging station directly on the campus and allowing direct access and use, it greatly facilitates the ongoing research and experience with new green technologies. Only by really building and using, one can demonstrate the effective use green energy in a sustainable environment.

The two-fold use of the solar powered eBike charging station makes it an excellent milestone in the road towards a sustainable world.

  • By using the solar powered eBike charging station on the university campus, experience in this new application field can be gathered and used for future ideas to move towards a more sustainable green environment. The prototype will serve as a demonstrator for sustainable mobility within cities and will promote the use of green technologies for short-range mobility.
  • By including measurement devices and logging all measurements and storing them, makes the eBike charging station an ideal playground experiments and theoretical verifications

In collaboration with PVMD group and IDE faculty, TU Delft 


Pavol Bauer

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