Supernet NL

Project description

Since the discovery of high temperature superconductivity in 1986 considerable progress has been made to develop superconducting large scale equipment and applications for power systems. Many successful large scale demonstrator and prototype tests have already underlined the superior performance of high temperature superconductor technology. In addition, the rapid progress in the development of the so-called 2nd generation high temperature superconductor wire gives promise to beat the cost-performance ratio of copper in the near future.

High temperature superconducting cable (HTS cable) is one of the promising large scale application for power system. HTS cable could carry higher current at lower voltage level with lower power losses in compacted size. Supernet NL project started in 2015 to integrate HTS cable in high voltage power network of the Netherlands. This project is the demonstrator in the Netherlands and it is the longest planned live-grid HTS cable in the world. Electrical specification, electrical life time, electrical degradation monitoring and technical guidance are the main responsibilities of the TU Delft in this project.


  • TenneT
  • IWO
  • TU Delft
  • HAN University of Applied Science

This project sponsored by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs

Babak Gholizad