The IEPG group is active in national and international projects. Some of these projects are accessible by clicking on the project logos, while others are shown below with the project cards.

Current Projects

PhD projects

Project name Researcher Start

Cyber Resilience of Power Systems

Vetrivel S Rajkumar


Cyber resiliency of power grid operational technologies

Alfan Presekal


Reinforcement learning on energy system operation Shengren Hou 2021

Enriching System Measurements for Machine Learning Applications

Kutay Bölat


Graph Learning for Control Coordination for Transmission and Distribution Grid Operation Stability Demetris Chrysostomou 2021

Resilience and Cyber Security of Integrated Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Ioannis Semertzis


Distribution System Digital Twins: Accuracy and in State Estimation Models Wouter Zomerdijk 2022

Self-healing grid capabilities to defend against cascading effects Resilience

Ali Mollaiee


Decision support for operational technology and power system restoration

Sayed Mehran Hashemian Ataabadi


Vulnerability Assessment and Interdependency Analysis of Cyber-Physical Power Systems

Yigu Liu


Flexibility of heat and power systems Christian Doh Dinga 2022

Completed projects

Project name Contact person Funding source Start End
Euramet Marjan Popov EU Euramet 2015 2017
Cable Project Marjan Popov TenneT Research Progrem 2009 2018
GARPUR Jose Rueda EU FP7 2014 2018
COBRAcable Jose Rueda TenneT & EU PCI 2015 2019
MIGRATE Marjan PopovJose Rueda EU H2020-LCE6 2016 2019
URSES Marjan Popov NWO URSES 2014 2020
EriGrid Peter Palensky EU H2020-INFRAIA 2015 2020
PROMOTION  Marjan Popov EU H2020-LCE5 2016 2020
TSO2020 Jose Rueda EU CEF-SYNERGY 2017 2020
INCITE Han La Poutre EU Marie Curie H2020-ITN 2016 2019
HaPSISH Peter Palensky NWO ESI-POSE 2017 2021
EASY-RES Milos Cvetkovic, Aleksandra Lekic EU H2020-LCE-07 2018 2021