Smart Hydrogen Powered Local Energy System


The SHPLES project aims to develop an energy system that can supply an entire neighbourhood with sustainable energy throughout the year. The project’s main activities are optimizing the entire hardware configuration of the production, storage and use of hydrogen, smart control, and further mapping based on the initial user data of the feasibility in relation to later envisaged upscaling.

Project Description

The Dutch power grid is suffering from massive congestion (inability to transfer power) caused by the increasing electrification that comes with the energy transition. Another observed trend is increase in the distributed generation such as solar cells and wind turbines. Designing an autonomous and zero CO2 emission energy system at the neighbourhood and district level that can locally generate and store energy can help decrease the power grid congestion.

The ‘SHPLES project’ aims to develop a local and CO2-free energy system based on renewable energy sources that optimize its performance autonomously and in real-time. The project will develop a completely integrated sustainable residential energy system (generation-storage-use) using Photovoltaics (PV) and a combination of energy storage in the form of electricity in a battery and hydrogen.

The project will lead to 1) Accelerating the roll-out of decentralized local energy systems, 2) Increasing knowledge about the combination of battery and hydrogen storage as a flexible energy supply for residential applications, 3) Improving the flexibility and reliability of our sustainable electricity supply by optimally combining battery storage with hydrogen storage in one system, and 4) Insight into solutions for the legal framework regarding the use of hydrogen in the built environment.

Intended deliverables

  • An improved configuration of a local energy system using hydrogen
  • An Open-source energy management system

Project Partners

HyET Hydrogen BV

Nedstack fuel cell technology BV

Green Village Foundation

Haaglanden Higher Vocational Education Foundation

Winter Sol Energy

TUD Team

Aihui Fu

Aihui Fu is a postdoctoral researcher in self-organizing smart grid control, renewable energy integration, power system operation and energy management system design. She has experience working with the projects of self-organizing voltage regulation, Easy-res, Illuminator, SHPLES and SynergyS to solve the energy transition challenges.

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