Co-simulation of multi-area Power Systems

Project Description

The unprecedented complexity of modern power systems has created a need for analyzing the interactions between different power system areas. The most reliable way to achieve this is through detailed physical models of all involved grids. However, such models are hard to come by since a single institution seldom has access to enough information to build a complete model of a multi-area system. Co-simulation is an alternative that allows different institutions (TSOs, DSOs, research institutes, etc.) to simulate cooperatively by interconnecting their simulation tools, without having to disclose their grid models, and while sharing both the burden of model development and the computational load of the co-simulation. In this project we investigate methods for implementing dynamic co-simulations of multi-area power systems as well as coupled transmission-distribution systems. The methods take advantage of the opportunities for distributed computing that stem from the use of co-simulation and aim at improving the efficiency of computation without sacrificing accuracy of results.

Project Team:

C. López

Claudio López is a doctoral researcher in the Intelligent Electrical Power Grids group at TU Delft. He received a double MSc in Energy Technologies from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. His research interests are related to the computational performance of co-simulation methods for modern power systems. 

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