Real-time self-validating digital replica of power system

Project Description

As power system grids continue to grow in order to support an increasing energy demand, the power system behaviour evolves accordingly, leaving behind the established practice. The elements of the transmission system are becoming more “active” and “smarter” with the massive integration of renewable energy sources and intelligent electronic devices. This results in the increased complexity in the dynamic behaviour of the system which becomes harder to predict.

A real time self-validating power system model consists of  power system simulators controlled by a master algorithm which serves the purpose of real time detection, validation and  prediction of  the dynamic behaviour of the electricity grid. Hence it becomes a digital replica of an actual power system. 

The research focus is to develop and use such a digital replica of power system to provide predictive control strategies for complex power systems events and failures. In particular, one such application is the predictive mitigation of short voltage instability.

Project Team:

A. Joseph

Arun Joseph is a doctoral researcher in the Intelligent Electrical Power Grids group in Delft University of Technology. He obtained his bachelor degree (B.Tech) in electrical engineering from Calicut University, India in 2009 and master degree (M.Tech) in control system from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in 2012. He has worked as a research assistant in aerospace department of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and senior research fellow in power system division of Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore. His research areas include real-time model validation of power system using co-simulation techniques, hardware-in-the-loop methods and voltage instabilities studies.

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