Numerical simulations of large power systems

Project Description

The main focus of this project is the numerical simulations of large power systems when switching actions occur. These switching actions create electromagnetic transients and the topology changes. These transients generally have a frequency between 5 KHz to 20MHz due to the topology of the power system. According to these frequencies, a small time step needs to be applied. Actual modelling methods have computational drawbacks such as the fixe time step and the methodology. In addition, the computation time of the numerical integration methods is problematic for large power systems.

 In order to reduce the computation time, this research investigates a new way to model power systems and to use advance numerical tools. In a first time, a new approach to model power system has been studied. This method links the different ordinary differential equations of the power system according to the switches position. Furthermore, it can easily incorporate non-linear elements. In a second time, approximate linear solvers have been combined with implicit numerical integration schemes. These combinations have shown a relative speed-up of two at least.

Contact: R. (Romain) Thomas

Ph.D. Thesis: Fast calculation of electrical transients in power systems after a change of topology