29 juni 2020

Humans of EEMCS - Kaikai Pan

In 2015, hackers attacked the power grid in Ukraine, leaving at least 230,000 people without power for six hours. This incident inspired Kaikai Pan to devise an algorithm that can make smart power grids more secure. ‘We try to look into the hacker’s brain to understand what steps they take. We then aim to use that knowledge to make the grid more secure.’

11 juni 2020

Dutch PV Portal 3.0 has launched

The Dutch PV Portal has been created to provide publically accessible information on solar energy in the Netherlands, based on scientific research performed by the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices (PVMD) group at Delft University of Technology. The website combines the modelling expertise of the PVMD group with real-time and historical weather measurements of the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) to create a realistic assessment of the potential for solar energy generation in the Netherlands. With the Dutch PV Portal, the PVMD group hopes to increase the public understanding of solar energy and contribute to the application of photovoltaics as an energy source.

26 mei 2020

Hybride tandemzonnecel van 30 procent binnen handbereik voor Nederlandse onderzoekers

Onder de vlag van het Joint Solar Programme III werken 4 Nederlandse onderzoeksinstellingen in samenwerking met onder meer Shell aan de zonnecel van de toekomst: een hybride tandemzonnecel met 30 procent rendement.

26 mei 2020

NDA signed between TenneT and TU Delft

In May 2020, the strategic cooperation between TenneT and TU Delft/EWI reached a new level. EWI dean John Schmitz and TenneT COO Ben Voorhorst signed a non-disclosure agreement on network data and historical data.