To allow students to gain insight into photovoltaic systems engineering, the PVLAB courses are designed such that students can apply the knowledge they acquired from three research domains within sustainable energy: photovoltaics, electrical engineering and energy storage. Such an insight into photovoltaic systems engineering is necessary for students to develop an intuition for the correlations and dependencies between properties of each subsystem and the effects of those properties on other subsystems and on the overall system performance.


Short and insightful, the course offers a solid background on the main issues related to photovoltaics. The course provides a lab environment in which measurements, analyses and experiments form an integral part in creating a fundamental understanding of the behavior of photovoltaic materials, PV modules and the performance of PV systems. During the lab sessions expert staff members are available for guiding students as well as tailor made training systems.


An elective course that consists of five tasks - light, photovoltaic modules, power electronics, rechargeable batteries and photovoltaic systems - that are designed to give the student an in depth understanding of PV systems. The courses objective is to allow students to grasp the nature of the energy source, the behavior of PV system components and the performance aspects of PV systems.