Advanced Grating for Thin Film Solar Cells

The AGATHA project aims to develop a low-cost process chain to introduce advanced optical trapping schemes based on “modulated surface textures” and asymmetric gratings in Si- and CIGS-based thin-film solar cells.

Research objective

The task of TU Delft in the AGATHA project is to model and optimize asymmetric modulated surface textured (MST) gratings for three different  thin-film solar cell technologies: CIGS, a-si:H and μc-Si:H. In addition, ultra-thin Si-based devices on MST gratings are to be manufactured, to demonstrate the potential of the new light-trapping approach.



Subsidy: FP7

Duration: 2014-2018

People involved: Dr. Olindo Isabella, Robin Vismara (PhD candidate), Dozie Onwudinanti