Ir. O. Isabella PhD

Associate Professor

Olindo Isabella was born on the 12th of November 1979 in Naples (Italy). In May 2007 he received the M.Sc. degree in electronics engineering from the University of Naples Federico II working under prof. Niccoló Rinaldi. His M.Sc. thesis dealt with I/Q modulators based on highly linear diodes for radio-frequency applications and was carried out under the supervision of prof. Leornardus de Vreede at Delft University of Technology, Delft (the Netherlands). In September 2007 he joined the Photovoltaic Materials and Devices group at Delft University of Technology, where he obtained the PhD degree cum laude–with honor under the supervision of prof. dr. Miro Zeman. During the final year of his PhD, he was visiting researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tsukuba (Japan), in the laboratory of prof. Michio Kondo. Since February 2013 he is Assistant Professor in the Photovoltaic Material and Devices group at Delft University of Technology.

His areas of expertise are opto-electrical modelling, characterization and implementation of advanced light management techniques in thin-film, wafer-based silicon solar cells and advanced eneregy yield modelling of PV Systems. He was one of the pioneers to realize thin-film silicon solar cells on periodic gratings. He was the first to propose the concept of modulated surface textures which enable efficient light trapping over broad spectrum. He also successfully fabricated thin-film silicon solar cells with dielectric distributed Bragg reflectors, which can avoid plasmonic absorption losses in metallic reflectors. Recently he has been working on coupled optical and electrical modelling of optically complex structures such as multi-junction solar cells. He is involved in the research of light management techniques for thin-film silicon solar cells and transfer of such techniques to thin crystalline silicon wafer-based solar cells. Alongside with his research and development of high efficiency wafer-based silicon solar cells, Olindo deals with smart PV modules, PV-powered multi-functional building elements and comprehensive modelling of X-IPV systems. For these developments, he is the principal investigator of <link en tu-delft-urban-energy solarurban _blank>Solar Urban theme of TU Delft <link en tu-delft-urban-energy _blank>Urban Energy platform. Since January 2019 he has been appointed Head of the PVMD group. Olindo is responsible for the PV Laboratory and gives lectures on PV systems. He has contributed to two scientific books, has 7 patent applications and his H-index is currently 22 (Google Scholar). 



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Dr. Olindo Isabella
Photovoltaic Materials and Devices
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Full list of publications can be found here.