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At this moment there are neither PhD nor PostDoc positions available.

MSc projects

To all MSc students:

With the imminent threat of climate change and shortage of fossil energy supply, research into renewable energy sources has gained considerable momentum. The generation of electricity using solar cells, so-called photovoltaic (PV) energy conversion, has become worldwide an important direction for solving the energy crisis. PV industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, using more wafers to fabricate PV cells than microelectronics industry for fabricating chips. PV already provides more than 100,000 jobs worldwide and this number grows rapidly each year. For a widespread application of solar (PV) electricity the challenge of the PV is to reduce the cost per generated kWh of electricity. There is an enormous research effort all over the world to develop new types of solar cells and fabrication technologies in order to decrease the cost of solar electricity. This effort results in many attractive PhD positions in the field of PV.

The Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials and Devices is one of the research groups of the Department of Electrical Sustainable Energy. The group focuses on the development of silicon based PV technologies. It offers a multi-disciplinary research environment with a strong interaction with the industry. Research is carried out in the areas of novel materials and deposition technologies for solar cells, novel concepts for high efficient future solar cells, modelling of advanced solar cell structures and monitoring of PV systems combining in-depth knowledge of device physics, silicon technology and electrical-material characterization, and by fully exploiting the synergy between those disciplines. The research in our group is carried out in co-operation with several companies and research institutes, such as HyET Solar, Morphotonics, ECN (Energy Centrum Nederland), and universities and companies in the Netherlands and abroad.

For our research on thin-film and wafer-based silicon solar cells, state-of-the-art deposition and measurement equipment is to our disposal together with a broad range of optical and electrical measurement techniques. The equipment in our laboratory enables us to fabricate and study complete solar cells as well as thin layers of silicon. In addition, within our group a unique simulation program ASA (Advanced Semiconductor Analysis) for analyzing semiconductor devices has been developed. Further, several multi-dimensional software packages are available for solving Maxwell and semiconductor equation for the design, analysis and optimization of solar cells. For PV Systems-related MSc thesis projects the PV Laboratory is also accessible for measurements and experiments. The MSc student learns during his/her diploma project to use the equipment available in our group.

Graduation projects in all above mentioned areas are currently available. If you are interested in a specific area and/or would like to carry out your graduation project at one of the industry we cooperate with, please contact us and we shall discuss with you these possibilities. Below find a list of MSc projects available in our group divided per topic and containing contact persons details.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our group.

On behalf of PVMD M. Zeman


As of May 2015, several projects are available at PVMD group. If you find an interesting topic, do not hesitate to ask for more info to the indicated contact person. 

Internship project:

MSc thesis projects on thin-film materials and devices (intern):

  • Development of In2O3:H as front TCO for quadruple junction thin-film silicon solar cells (contact person: Olindo Isabella)
  • Development of thin-film a-SiGe:H solar cell as middle band gap component in quadruple junction thin-film silicon solar cells (contact person: Olindo Isabella)
  • Optical modelling of novel solar cell architectures based on barium-disilicide (BaSi2) (contact person: Olindo Isabella)
  • Computer modelling of voltage drop in EQE measurement of multi-junction thin-film silicon solar cells (contact person: René van Swaaij)
  • Passivation of silicon quantum dots for all-silicon multi-junction solar cells (contact person: René van Swaaij)
  • Development of In2O3:H TCO as innovative TCO for CIGS solar cells (contact person: Arno Smets)
  • Hybrid tandem a-Si/CIGS solar cell for improved spectral utilization (contact person: Arno Smets)

MSc thesis projects on PV Systems (intern):

  • PV modules as elements for thermal insulation in (Dutch) households (contact person: Olindo Isabella)  
  • Monitoring PV powered e-bike charging station and verification of meteo-based yield prediction models (contact person: Olindo Isabella)
  • Integrated Matlab-based PV models (Graphic User Interface) (contact person: Olindo Isabella)
  • Dutch PV Portal 2 (contact person: Olindo Isabella)
  • Infotainment spot 2 (contact person: Olindo Isabella)

MSc thesis projects on PV Systems (extern):