Sicco Verwer

I am assistant professor in machine learning with applications in cyber security and software engineering at TU Delft since 2014. Before this, I have been a postdoctoral researcher for several years at RU Nijmegen, KU Leuven, and TU Eindhoven. I have worked on several topics in machine learning and am best known for my work in grammatical inference, i.e., learning state machines from trace data. I have researched and implemented several algorithms for learning such models including RTI, which is one of the first that is able to learn timed automata. In 20130, I received a VENI grant from STW to extend this work and apply it in cyber security. Other recent work includes several methods for declarative modelling of machine learning problems using mathematical solvers, and making classifiers discrimination-aware. I teach two courses in the cyber security master at TU Delft: Cyber Data Analytics and Automated Software Testing and Reverse Engineering. If you are interested in the research performed by my lab, or joining as PhD or MSc student, please have a look at my publications and past publicly available MSc and BSc theses.