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25 januari 2021

179th Dies Natalis

In the run-up to the Dies Natalis on Friday 15 January 2021, TU Delft will treat you to a daily selection of knowledge and inspiration in resilience and technology.

03 december 2020

Best Paper Runner Up Award for HAI 2020

Marco Rozendaal, Evert van Beek, Pim Haselager, David Abbink and Catholijn Jonker recently received the Best Paper Runner Up Award for the HAI 2020 conference.

19 november 2020

Catholijn Jonker gives keynote speech at Prima 2020

The 23rd International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems is being held from November 18 to 20, 2020. Agent-based Computing addresses the challenges in managing distributed computing systems and networks through monitoring, communication, consensus-based decision-making and coordinated actuation.

18 november 2020

Willem-Paul Brinkman interviewed in the new podcast "De Profcast"

Willem-Paul Brinkman talks about computers and health in this new podcast.

10 november 2020

Catholijn Jonker interviewed at Inside RoboHouse

Insightful messages from within our community deliver an optimistic take on the future of work in robotics.

26 oktober 2020

Robot en mens leren van elkaar

In this month's issue of AG Connect, dr. Catharine Oertel and dr. Myrthe Tielman contributed to an article on how AI can align more closely with human behavior. In it, they discuss how both data-driven and knowledge-based methods can help AI become better interaction partners.

01 oktober 2020

Three papers from the Interactive Intelligence group to appear at the NeurIPS 2020 Conference

Frans Oliehoek, whose research focuses on interactive learning and decision making, is the coauthor of three accepted papers at the NeurIPS 2020 Conference.

30 september 2020

Algoritme helpt ontwerpteams effectiever samenwerken

Computerwetenschapper Catharine Oertel onderzoekt hoe een kunstmatig systeem, misschien een robot, een team kan versterken. 'Het moet horen wat er gezegd wordt, alleen onthouden wat belangrijk is, zien hoe mensen bewegen en waar ze naar kijken.

23 september 2020

AI moet geen pijn doen

In the NRC newspaper of September 18, 2020, professor Catholijn Jonker contributed to an article about AI in the series "Met machines meer mens" (dutch)

14 september 2020

Synthesising Reinforcement Learning Policies through Set-Valued Inductive Rule Learning

Youri Coppens presents joint work on Machine Learning & Knowledge Representation at the TAILOR 2020 Workshop.