1st Dutch Speech Tech Day

Monday June 8, 2020, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft)

The Dutch Speech Tech Day aims to build a community of researchers and users of speech technology in all its forms in the Netherlands. We want to give students the opportunities to talk to companies, researchers, and governmental agencies about jobs/internships. We want to provide a platform for researchers, companies and governmental agencies to learn about the newest research, learn about each other's needs and wishes, and allow for the building of networks for collaborative research or project proposals. Although the focus will be on speech technology for Dutch, there will be ample space to present work on speech technology on other languages. The Dutch Speech Tech Day is for all people interested in and working on speech technology, irrespective of the language.

Speech technology has made lots of progress in recent years. For instance, automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems of good quality are now available for Dutch, e.g., via Google. Importantly, recently, an open source ASR for Dutch, based on Kaldi, has been made available for companies and academia. The availability of speech technology for Dutch has led many companies and government agencies to develop tools and applications that use speech-based input. However, the Dutch speech technology landscape is fragmented. Small groups of people are working on similar ideas and face similar problems as others without knowing about it and knowing one another. For instance, due to privacy restrictions, it is not always possible to send speech to the Google speech recognition system, but rather the speech needs to stay in-house and the ASR systems need to be run and maintained in-house as well. How best to do that? At the same time, many of our long-term goals overlap.

In short, the Dutch Speech Tech Day will be an excellent opportunity to learn about the newest insights on speech tech from academia, to hear about what companies and governmental organisations are working on, to network, etc.

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