Computer Vision Lab

In the Computer Vision Lab (part of the Pattern Recognition & Bioinformatics Group), we develop new techniques for the automatic analysis of images and videos. We apply these techniques to monitor and understand human behavior, to analyze paintings and other artworks, and to analyze medical images.

 We focus on the analysis of multidimensional sensor data (such as images, image sequences, multiple cameras, 3D/4D medical data like MRI and CT, and other ubiquitous sensing modalities). With the breakthrough in deep learning we are interested in motion-representation learning, knowledge-based deep learning, deep learning with few examples. Example applications include, but are not limited to activity analysis, video indexing, medical imaging, human behaviour analysis, and anomaly detection.

We provide various courses on computer vision and image processing at both the undergraduate and the graduate level. Specifically, we teach courses on Image Processing (B.Sc. level), Advanced Digital Image Processing (M.Sc. level), and Computer Vision (M.Sc. level). In addition, we supervise students at all levels in fundamental and applied research projects (many of which are performed in collaboration with Dutch companies).