Marco Loog

Marco Loog received an M.Sc. degree in mathematics from Utrecht University and in 2004 a Ph.D. degree from the Image Sciences Institute for the development and improvement of contextual statistical pattern recognition methods and their use in the processing and analysis of images. After this joyful event, he moved to Copenhagen where he acted as assistant and, eventually, associate professor next to which he worked as a research scientist at Nordic Bioscience. In 2008, after several splendid years in Denmark, Marco moved to Delft University of Technology where he now works as an assistant professor in the Pattern Recognition Laboratory. He currently is associate editor of Pattern Recognition and honorary full professor in pattern recognition at the University of Copenhagen. Marco's research interests primarily include all types of variations to supervised learning.

Here is my TPAMI paper on semi-supervised learning for likelihood-based classifiers. Jesse Krijthe developed a semi-supervised learning toolbox in R covering that work. Check it out!