Microbial genomics

Microbes are pervasive in all aspects of life, society and industry. We are particularly interested in the effects of genotypes on phenotypes of medical or industrial importance.  In the medical area we focus on antibiotic resistance in pathogenic bacteria, while in the industrial arena we focus on mutations that affect yield and conversion efficiency. The lab is specialized in creating novel  algorithms to accurately reconstruct the complex heterogeneous genome and community architectures found in these organisms from large sequencing experiments and to identify relevant mutations. We partner with clinical and biotech partners to produce data and assist in the biological interpretation of analytical results.

  • Metagenomics of industrial and clinical microbial communities.
  • DNA based diagnostics of complex infections.
  • Comparative genomics of large collections of strains to elucidate interesting phenotypes.
  • Nanopore sequencing of communities and single species.
  • Deconvolving complex highly similar communities.