You can find a list of current project ideas on Project Forum. The topics listed there are only a sample of possible projects; fully up-to-date information can be obtained by contacting one of our staff members.

Please approach one staff member at a time (either by indicating interests via project forum or by direct email). A good moment to do this is about 1-2 months before you aim to start, because most projects are related to on-going research activities and may change over time. An important exception is when you are proposing your own project.

Proposing your own project is not advised, but can be very exciting and motivating. Especially if your project idea involves a company, formulating a research proposal to which all parties agree can be quite a challenge and may sometimes take several months. As supervisors we will only supervise projects within our area of expertise that are sufficiently scientifically challenging. It is therefore important to find a supervisor whose expertise matches your interests.

If you are currently not studying in Delft but would like to study here, you will find TU Delft a stimulating academic and social environment. To apply for a MSc place, please read and follow the formal guidelines of Delft University of Technology.