Masters Projects

The normal prerequisite for all projects below is that you are a student doing your master's in computer science at Delft, including at least the course Advanced Algorithms (or Artificial Intelligence Techniques) and one other course in our group (e.g. the course Algorithms for Intelligent Decision Making gives a very good preparation for doing your final research project). If you are doing your master's at Delft in another subject, please additionally send us a motivation why you would like to undertake your thesis with our group.

You can find a list of current project ideas on Project Forum. The topics listed there are only a sample of possible projects; fully up-to-date information can be obtained by contacting our staff members:

If you are currently not studying in Delft but would like to study here, you will find TU Delft a stimulating academic and social environment. To apply for a MSc place, please read and follow the formal guidelines of Delft University of Technology.