Next Generation Sector-Coupling Models for Optimal Investments and Operation

Financer: NWO (with TopSector Energie), project ESI.2019.008

Project time: February 2022 - 2026

Key Partners: TU Delft, Utrecht University, TNO

Supporting Partners: PBL, TenneT, ORTEC, AIMMS, Gemeente Utrecht

Keywords: multiscale/cross-sectoral optimization models, mixed integer linear programming (MILP), surrogate modeling, scheduling algorithms, flexibility, technology assessment

Main goal(s) of the project: To facilitate the decision-making towards an efficient, reliable and sustainable future energy system, we will develop computationally efficient models and algorithms, taking into account the coupling between electricity, heat, and hydrogen, while including key system flexibility and reliability constraints and societal objectives.

Decision-making for an efficient, reliable and sustainable energy system must take into account the coupling between electricity, heat and hydrogen and with social objectives and preconditions. To support these complex decisions, we develop optimization models and algorithms with the best balance between accuracy and required calculation time.

A brief video-explanation about this NWO project can be found here (in Dutch).

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