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About Me

I am a Software Engineer and Lecturer in the CSE Teaching Team (CSETT) within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS). After studying in Delft for both my Bachelor and Master degrees I've been given the opportunity to continue as a lecturer given the growing need for teaching staff due to the growing influx of students for the CSE programme. 

As a software engineer within the EIP team (Educational Innovation Projects, subteam of the CSE Teaching Team) I develop and maintain various platforms used in TU Delft's educational activities. Furthermore, I am co-responsible for the operation and monitoring of various services like Mattermost, GitLab, Jitsi, etc.

The main projects I'm currently working on are;

  • MaRe (Master Thesis Registration system) - Stack: Laravel (PHP)
    This platform aims to centralise the progress of master students, provide insights to management into potential bottlenecks in the current graduation process. Furthermore, it aims to reduce the overhead of all different (paper) forms.
  • Peer (Peer review system) - Stack: Express + Vue (JavaScript)
    Peer has been developed by a group of students as part of their Software Project (CSE2000). We have continued the development of this platform, adding features as requested by the users.

Within the EIP team we also operate/maintain various services and infra. Within EIP I focus mainly on;

  • GitLab + Builders
    We host our own on-premise instance of GitLab (with Ultimate license). Behind our instance we have several heavy build servers that run the 1000's of build jobs that our students and research groups are producing. Next to keeping GitLab up and running we are also responsible for setting up courses as per the requests of the lecturers of EEMCS and other faculties.
  • Mattermost
    We host our own on-premise Mattermost instance for chatting between students and lecturers or within (research) groups. With several hundreds of daily active users the service is well-used. We monitor the performance and maintain the server Mattermost is running on. Furthermore, we provide assistance when courses need a chat-team or run into difficulties.
  • Monitoring of all services and infrastructure
    As we currently host many different services/servers we also set up (automated) monitoring. Errors that occur in our applications are automatically logged in our central Sentry dashboard, server performance is automatically tracked in Zabbix, and when problems need our attention they are automatically send to us in our Mattermost channels.  


I'm a lecturer for several bachelor courses in the Computer Science and Engineering programme. I'm mostly responsible for the courses that involve group-work; learning our students how to work together in teams, both from technical point of view (Git, Code reviewing, etc.) as well as the process point of view (organising meetings, requirements engineering, etc.). Currently I am involved in the following courses;

  • Object Oriented Programming Project
    CSE1105, 5 ECTS, together with Sebastian Proksch
    In the OOP Project our CSE freshman learn how to build a software system in a collaborative way. The focus here is on the soft-skills; communication, work distribution, planning, etc. Next to that we teach valuable skills like working with Git, GitLab, build tools (like Gradle), dependency managers, etc.
  • Software Project
    CSE2000, 15 ECTS, together with Thomas Overklift, Otto Visser and Huijuan Wang
    The Software Project is a project where the 2nd year CSE students get to run a complete software project on their own. The project is full-time, and typically takes place with an external company (some projects are hosted by TU Delft itself). Students are able to decide on their own technology stack (within constraints of the client) and get to execute the entire project independently. In the end they will defend their project through a written report and a final presentation in front of a committee. 

In the past I've been involved with various other courses, like;

  • Object Oriented Programming
    CSE1100, 5 EC, together with Andy Zaidman and Frank Mulder
    The very first introduction our CSE freshman get into programming. From variable assignments, to objects/classes, to the more advanced topics like network communication (sockets) and a little introduction to functional programming.
  • Software Engineering Methods
    CSE2115, 5 EC, together with Annibale Panichella and Enrique Larios Vargas
    Aims to teach the students valuable techniques to improve their software development skills. We discuss development methodologies, best practices, advanced testing techniques, and so on. The course is accompanied by a (team) project where students can put theory into practice.
  • Contextproject
    TI2806, 10 EC, together with Annibale Panichella and Alan Hanjalic
    This course was the predecessor of the current Software Project; the major difference being that the Contextproject was not full-time, and the projects were offered solely by the research groups within the Computer Science department of TU Delft.

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