The Faculty Lunch gives members of the Software Technology team an opportunity to share their latest news about research, publications and developments in their fields of specialization. The aim is to have talks on the widest range of topics related to Software Technology. 

Arie van Deursen is the coordinator of the Faculty Lunch. 

Practical information: the lunch is held from 12.30 until 1.30 pm once every two weeks. The following dates and speakers are planned: 


8 april Jie Yang  WIS
22 april  Emir Demirovic DS
6 May Qing Wang  ENS
20 May Wendelin Böhmer ALG
3 June Diomidis Spinellis  SE
17 June Sebastian Proksch SE
23 September Soham Chakraborty PL
7 October Georgios Iosifidis ENS
21 October    
4 November    
18 November    
2 December    
16 December    


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