Information Architecture

Information Architecture (or IA for short) is special programme within TU Delft's MSc Computer Science. As all special programs, you can follow it both within the Software Technology track as well as the Data Science & Technology track.

What is this special programme?

IA is a collaborative programme of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science (EEMCS) and the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM). Within the TPM faculty, many of the courses are taught in the <link onderwijs opleidingen masters sepam msc-complex-systems-engineering-and-management _blank external-link-new-window external link in new>MSc program Complex Systems Engineering and Management. Students who have completed the IA special programme receive an official notice on their MSc certificates.

The IA programme combines aspects from computer science and from management, and thus addresses the problem of concurrently designing and engineering enterprises and their supporting ICT applications. It concentrates on the alignment between organizational needs and the engineering opportunities and solutions offered by novel ICT solutions. An information architect is a professional who bridges the gap between business and ICT.

Why Information Architecture matters

The advent of modern digital information and communication technology (ICT) has facilitated dramatic improvements in efficiency and productivity in organisations across the spectrum: large and small, public and private. These organisations rely increasingly on innovative Web-based systems and services to manage their operations and meet the needs of their customers and clients. In this special programme, we train computer scientists to become system architects - specialists in designing and engineering systems that align organisational needs with the engineering opportunities and solutions for Web-based and services-based information systems.

Programme topics

  • E-government, e-business and extended enterprise architectures
  • Analysis and simulation of complex organizations
  • Business-service alignment
  • Agile information systems
  • Business intelligence
  • Web data management and retrieval
  • Semantic Web
  • Web engineering & software architecture

Career prospects

Computer Science graduates are in great demand in both the private and the public sectors, and information architects are among the most sought after computer scientists. With their understanding of information technology and business processes, graduates of the Information Architecture special programme are able to move into positions in non-profit organisations, governmental agencies, and a wide range of positions in the private sector.


In 2017/18 the IA special programme has the following course requirements (note that your study programme also needs to fulfill the requirements of your chosen MSc Computer Science track):


The coordinator for the IA special programme is dr. Claudia Hauff from the Web Information Systems group. Contact her at with any questions you may have.