Dr. Nava Tintarev is an Assistant Professor and Delft Technology Fellow in the Web Information Systems group, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science at TU Delft. She studies how to best present and adapt the presentation of complex data (using both natural language generation, and visualizations) in artificial advice giving systems. Nava was previously an assistant professor at Bournemouth University (UK), a research fellow at Aberdeen University (UK), and a research engineer for Telefonica Research (Spain). Professional webpage.

Shane Greenup graduated from the University of NSW in 2005 with majors in Philosophy, Molecular biology (hons) and the History and Philosophy of Science. After graduation he developed a profitable niche website which allowed him to explore multiple entrepreneurial opportunities over the following years, giving him the experience and confidence to found rbutr at the beginning of 2012 with Craig. Shane is an alumni of the Startup Chile (2012) and IndieBio (2016) accelerator programs, and is a Creative Innovation 2013 scholarship recipient.

Craig O'Shannessy has over 25 years of experience operating his own software engineering freelance business, which has given him an expertise in software analysis, design, project management and application development. Another successful solo entrepreneur, Craig's project management and technical expertise is the perfect complement to Shane's Internet marketing experience and visionary drive.


Sindunuraga Rikarno Putra is a master student currently taking the Data Science and Technology track at TU Delft. His main area of interest is in the application of information technology to augment education and learning.


Dr. Adrian Holtzer, EPFL, Switzerland - This collaboration evaluates the premise that encouraging debate in classroom promotes critical thinking and evaluates the effects of opinion change.