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Delft Data Science Seminar
Big Data and Nature
Monday 11th of December 12:00-18:00
Science Centre, Delft 

You can register here.

We are excited to announce the newest editions of the Delft Data Science Seminars organized at TU Delft: The Delft Data Science Seminar – Big Data and Nature.

The topic of nature will be discussed along the themes “Natural resources” and “Climate”.
This topic is multidisciplinary, so we have invited researchers from different faculties to present their research.

For the first theme we invited a number of TU Delft projects that will focus on Water, Sun, Earth and Wind in relation to data science.
In addition, an interesting program is composed of presentations on investigating Climate Change with data science. 

Most of these projects are being performed in combination with external partners.
During this event we also like to give the stage to companies to pitch their Big Data and Nature topic.

Keynote speakers

Arjen Luijendijk

Kenny Meesters

Herman Russchenberg

Marco Zuniga



Dutch Association of Insurers

The Green Village




Join us on Monday the 11th of December from 12:00h-18:00 for the Delft Data Science Seminar – Big Data and Nature in the Science Centre in Delft. You can register here.

30/10/2017 The Big Data section of the  Applied Mathematics Institute of the 4TU federation (4TU-AMI) invites you to an informal symposium on Friday afternoon, November 24.The goal is to strengthen the connections between applied quantitative research at the Dutch universities of technology and private partners.Date& Time: November 24, 2017 at 13:30 hrs. 

Location: BCN Utrecht, Daltonlaan 100, Utrecht. 

More information you can find here

Delft Data Science researchers Alessandro Bozon and Achilleas Psyllidis are nominated for the Accenture INNOVATION AWARDS with their SocialGlass project. This is an online system for real-time urban big data analytics to help city stakeholders better understand the dynamics of cities. For example, by crowdsourcing on events such as SAIL. Vote for SocialGlass here.

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A social data science expert explains how to tackle the grizzly problem of fake news.

“Everybody’s discussing the problem, when we should be focusing on the solution instead. The bottom line is: the tools that cause the uncontrolled spread of fake news are also the ones that can solve it.” – Alessandro Bozzon, TU Delft.

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“Listen to the inspiring research of our researcher Cynthia Liem on how music can help you focus on your work at BNR’s show NieuweWereld, this can be useful for everyone!”

Delft Data Science researcher Prof. Dr. Marcel Reinders discovered the 4th gene of Alzheimer. Read the full article here.