Presentations on DDS seminar - Game Analytics

Anders Drachen

Anders Drachen, Ph.D. is a veteran Data Scientist, Game Analytics consultant at The Pagonis Network, and also currently serves as Associate Professor at Aalborg University (Denmark). His work in the game industry as well as in data and game science is focused on game analytics, business intelligence for games, esports analytics, monetization, data mining, game user experience, industry economics, business development and game user research. His research and professional work is carried out in collaboration with companies spanning the industry. He writes about analytics and data science on His writings can also be found on the pages of trade publications such as Game Developer Magazine and His research has been covered by international media, including Wired, Kotaku, Joystiq and Forbes. He worked formerly for Game Analytics as Lead Analyst.

Presentation is available on request.

Oliver Kern

Oliver Kern has almost 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising and has marketed hundreds of casual, core and MMO games in the online and mobile space. Hes has provided monetization, marketing and other advisory expertise to a number of mobile companies, including MAG Interactive, flaregames, Hutch Games, Wargaming and XS Software. Before running Mobilize he has been in marketing leadership positions at iQU, JAGEX (developer of Runescape and Transformers and regarded as one of the leading MMO games companies) and iPlay. He has been a go-to consultant for many European studios and holds advisory board positions in a few mobile game startups.

Presentation: Data is Powerful

Graham McAllister

Graham is the Director of Player Research, an award-winning user research and playtesting studio based in Brighton, UK. Player Research help studios deliver world-class games by challenging assumptions, validating design decisions, and providing evidence on the player experience throughout development. Their clients include Sony, NaturalMotion Games, EA, Jagex, Ninja Theory, Madfinger Games, Hutch Games, and Channel 4 among many others. Graham is a BAFTA Games member and has written regular columns on user research for EDGE and

Presentation: How User Research Helps Deliver Successful Games

Ard Bonewald

Currently Ard is the Head of Studio Ard and responsible for the in-house game development at CoolGames, an Amsterdam based casual games publisher/developer. In 2012 he co-founded Tingly games, a Dutch developer of high quality HTML5 games, that only recently merged with CoolGames. He has over 15 years of experience in the Dutch games industry and has held jobs ranging from game designer, producer to management positions.