Robert-Jan Sips

The Inclusive Enteprise: a Computer Science approach to well-being at work

For companies across the globe, building and sustaining a talent pipeline has become top priority. Job satisfaction is a core reason for employee retention and has shown to be more dependent on the organisational climate, which includes aspects such as working conditions, leadership and inclusion , than on variables such as structure, size, and pay, which are easy to quantify and control. IBM and Delft Data Science have jointly embarked on a mission to create an "Inclusive Enterprise". During this talk we will present the vision and will elaborates on how a computer science approach can help to sense and foster inclusion and well-being in enterprise environments.


Robert-Jan Sips is leading IBM’s collaborative academic research programs in the Netherlands at the IBM Center for Advanced Studies (CAS). Next to that he is Chairman of the Dutch Courage foundation and a visiting researcher in the Web&Media group at VU University Amsterdam. He is actively involved in multiple research projects, currently focusing on Cognitive Computing (Watson), Medical Decision Support, Remote Sensing and Water Management.

Prior to joining the CAS, Robert-Jan held positions at DaimlerChrysler, working on telematics and GIS for the Mercedes-Benz brand. After joining IBM in 2008, he focused on various remote sensing projects; in the automotive, smart grid and water domains. Most extensively, he was involved in IBM’s Global Center of Excellence for Water Management, in the Floodcontrol 2015 project, working on machine learning to predict levee failure and studying the feasibility of large-scale implementation of sensor-monitored levees in the Netherlands. Nowadays his work focusses on Crowdsourcing, Internet of Things and Social Sensing.