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DDS Seminars

The seminars are thematic and organized regularly at Delft University of Technology, aiming at bringing the main economic, industrial, societal and academic stakeholders together to jointly discuss how to address the challenges and optimally exploit the opportunities related to big data in the years to come. 

9 June 2017: Data Science Tour

31March 2017: Delft Data Science Seminar about Online Education

24 January 2017: Data Science & Smart Culture

1 December 2016: Smart Citizens in Smarter Cities

23 May 2016: Data Science and Game Analytics

7 April 2016: Data Science and Sports

23 November 2015: Complexity and Big Data in Finance

28 May 2015: Data Science for Workforce Management

2 April 2015: Data Science for Open Data

9 March 2015: Data Science for Online Education

26 January 2015: Data Science for Security

23 September 2014: Data Science for Health 

19 June 2014: Data Science for Finance

16 April 2014: Data Science for Environmental Monitoring