At TU Delft, DDS functions as a platform centered around TU Delft's main data science competencies, for which experts from different research groups work on data science challenges and issues that address a variety of social domains, and with an extra investment into 4 roadmaps.

The competencies in data science at TU Delft can be roughly divided in data processing (with a focus on full stack engineering) and data analytics (with a focus on visual & social data). 

The research capacity is provided by the core expert groups for data science at TU Delft. These are predominantly research groups from the faculty of EEMCS. But experts from other faculties and institutes in specific collaborations also actively contribute to the activities of DDS. 

The different societal domains in which TU Delft's data science research is active, provide a common ground through which collaboration with private and public partners are found, as well as with experts from other faculties.

Four dedicated roadmap programs are identified for which TU Delft has allocated an extra investment for postdocs and research engineers to work on data science challenges with researchers from the different research groups. These activities are thus an added value and accelerator for data science activities the research groups already carry out.

These perspectives are visualised in the image below. 

Video pitches

For more information on the various DDS research topics, see the video pitches at the DDS YouTube channel.