Applying TU Delft’s excellent data science to real-world challenges.

The engineering and technology focus of research performed at TU Delft puts Delft Data Science (DDS) in a privileged position to contribute to the development of new technologies for big data processing and analytics.

In close collaboration with stakeholders in various domains, DDS will supply research-based solutions. It will also play a unique role in bridging the gap between development and actual implementation of these new technologies.

Research Characteristics

DDS combines interdisciplinary expertise and skills, which cover all the key dimensions of the data science field. While we cover the whole spectrum of data processing and analytics, we also use this combination of expertise and skills to excel in selected research challenges. We mention a few examples.

Full-stack Engineering for Data Science  

Our research is characterized by a strong focus on the engineering aspects of big data and data science systems. By means of combining and integrating our strengths in the hardware, software and data management layers of the data stack, in DDS we are in a unique position to address the challenges and innovations that come with the full-stack engineering of big data and data science systems.

Humans and Data Science

Humans play roles in the analytics, for example interpreting the data science outcomes in visual analytics, or for example aiding data science systems in the interpretation of data by means of human computing and crowdsourcing. In addition, many applications are handling data that concerns people and that is for example generated by those people: this brings challenges in terms of the interpretation of that data and its handling that go beyond the standard data science challenges. In DDS, our research is characterized by a strong focus on the aspects of data science that relate to humans, in a variety of roles.

Quick overview

Video pitches

For more information on the various DDS research topics, see the video pitches at the DDS YouTube channel.