In clinical environments, an increasing amount of data is acquired, such as medical imaging data, genome data, medical files and sensor data. This information can be used to understand cell function and disease dynamics, to plan surgery and treatment, to draw conclusions regarding potential illness, or to monitor individual patient recovery. Technology for analysing health data will enable a giant leap forward.

DDS aims to be a game-changer in interactive medical data analysis especially. Its research focuses on three aspects: unlocking information and facilitating hypothesis generation and confirmation, novel communication solutions (either for purposes of patient empowerment or the exchange of opinions between colleagues), and efficient data storing and processing so response times for data analysis stay within reasonable bounds.

For experimentation and valorisation purposes, our knowledge and expertise is deployed in the areas of personalised medicine, preventive medicine and patient empowerment. We are embedded in Medical Delta, a network of life sciences, health and technology organisations, and in the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences. With IBM we are working on effective big data solutions in the medical application domain, especially in the area of genetic disease diagnostics based on next-generation sequencing of DNA.