Journal & Conference Articles

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3 October 2023 - Workshop 4: Realizing Hybrid Storage

  1. Gerrit Miedema - Hybrid Energy Storage by Sea salt Batteries
  2. Menno Kardolus - Innovations in V2x: underground FlexGrid energy system
  3. Laurens Mackay - Second Life Battery Storage in DC Microgrids
  4. Luis D. Couto, Grietus Mulder & Raf Ponnette - Aging of Li-ion batteries and how to deal with it
  5. J. AlpĂ­zar Castillo, L. RamĂ­rez Elizondo & P. Bauer - The Effect of Non Coordinated Heating Electrification Alternativeson a Low Voltage Distribution Network with High PV Penetration
  6. Dario Slaifstein - Operating Multi-Carrier Energy Systems
  7. Arnoud van der Zee - Validating Energy Hubs in Fieldlab Environments

4 April 2023 - Workshop 3: Acceptance of the energy transition and related technologies

24 February 2023 - Student Meet-up on System Integration

  1. Siddhesh Shinde - Design of Underground Power Electronics and its Thermal Management

14 February 2023 - Lunch Lecture: Grid Impact of Energy Transition and its mitigation with Coordinated Power Control.

18 October 2022 - Workshop 2: FlexBat meets FLEXINet: Adding intelligent flexibility to the distribution grid

  1. Mart van Bracht - Topsector Energie: Systeemintegratie
  2. Marco Stecca - FlexBat
  3. Joel Alpizar-Castillo - TU Delft: Multi carrier coupling and system aggregation (part of FLEXINet)
  4. Siddhesh Shinde - TU Delft: Underground Power electronics Interface (part of FLEXINet)

16 May 2022 - FLEXINet Workshop 1: Essentials

12 May 2022 – Presentation about national learning community on system integration

Press Release & Media

The following artciles in media mention the flexinet project

20 November 2023 - Energy Man: Van steenkool naar batterij
Menno Bentveld explores the energy transition as a radical change in the way we use energy. He visits The Green Village for Dr Ten's sea salt battery. Marnix Ten Kortenaar, founder of DrTen explains. (From 31':37'' In Dutch).

14 November 2023 - De energietransitie maakt gelijkstroom aantrekkelijker

29 April 2021 - Lokale energiecoöperatie HET werkt mee aan FLEXINet-project - Hilversum ‘living lab’ voor energiesysteem van de toekomst

26 April 2021 - Energiesysteem van de toekomst in Hilversum

26 April 2021 - HET and FLEXINet are working on Hilversum of the future

10 February 2021 - 5.7 million euro for hybrid energy storage systems NEWS