Communication Hub

Recently a big step in finalizing the whole vehicle has been made, the wiring tree has been, almost completely, build. This wiring tree contains all the wires of the whole vehicle, connecting all the sensors to the electronics box and from there on the signals from the computing unit towards the actuators (the motor controller and the brakes).

The design of the whole tree took quite a while, in the beginning of the year when the pod was designed the wires constantly had to move from place to place due to changes in the design and when the design was finalized there were still some additional sensors placed which also needed wiring.

Now, when everything of the design is definitely frozen, all the wires and connectors were ordered. Unlike the wires you would order form the internet and have delivered the next day, our wires are custom made for us due to the special requirements, like proper shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and the type of connector we will place at the end.

Because that is the next step, after all the cables were delivered we had to cut them on the proper length, strip the end of the wire and attach the connector. All the different connectors have a different way of connecting, some need to be soldered while others were crimped.

After preparing the cable, a label is added to distinct them from each other and then placed on the big sheet of paper on which the whole wiring tree is printed. This is the first time all the cables come together. The following steps will be adding a sleeve around the cables to keep them together and finally place the whole tree on the chassis, which will likely be an exciting moment.