Joining the Hyperloop team

I remember that it was Monday, 30th Jan 2017 and while in bus returning home from work, I was reading the news. After scrolling a few times, I read ”Dutch university’s pod wins Musk’s Hyperloop competition”. The headline of the news caught my attention. As I read further, I found out that the university was none other than TU Delft. I was enthralled because this was the university where I was going to start my Masters in Sustainable Energy Technologies.

My name is Sachin Yadav and this is my first blog of a series to come on my experiences at TU Delft and Delft Hyperloop.

After coming to Delft, I got to know about the concept of DREAM (Dream Realization of Extra Advanced Machines) teams which basically comprised of highly motivated and talented bachelors and masters students of TU Delft. The students worked day in and day out to make this dream a reality. Working for such a team here is considered a prestigious thing.

Now, as I was already following Delft Hyperloop on Facebook because it is such a hyper-awesome team. I found out that the team was in need of a person who can help them with high power stuff such as the motor controller. The opportunity was perfect for me as basically all my work life, I worked with LV and HT motors, drives and industrial automation in general. I also had some experience in handling high voltages of upto 33kV.

I love working with electrical machines and computers. It is because of this that I chose Power as one of my profile in the SET program. I work in the Powertrain department of Delft Hyperloop. If Computing unit is the brain of the pod then Powertrain is the heart of the pod which gives it motion. The Powertrain mainly consists of the Batteries, Motor Controller and the Motor. So, I am the MC guy of Delft Hyperloop. I enjoy my work between such a wonderful team of awesome engineers of TU Delft.