Team weekend at Texel

A DREAM team year should not all be about working long hours. It’s crucial for a team to relax a bit once in a while, get to know each other a little bit better, and to just have fun. Luckily, our financial bookkeeping software partner Snelstart came to the rescue. Their office is located on the beautiful island of Texel in the Netherlands, and Snelstart arranged a place for us to stay for a weekend.

It was a weekend filled with fun activities. After we had arrived, we were picked up by Snelstart for a tour around their offices, after which we were brought to a sheep farm in the centre of the island. Since the end of February is the time that little lambs are born, the timing was perfect. We each were able to cuddle new-born lambs, which was the best stress reliever we had experienced in years! Next to that, we watched how a few Sheppard dogs guided the adult sheep through a meadow.

The next day, we drove to the north of the island, where a guide from Ecomare, a research and education institute, was waiting for us. Armed with high rain boots, we were led onto the mudflats of the Waddenzee. Mudflats are piles of mud that lay dry during low tide, allowing you to walk over them. During our trip, we encountered countless animals such as oysters, worms, birds, and even a few seals.

After a long weekend, we were sad to say goodbye to Texel and travel back to Delft. Back to work!

Until next time,