Testimonial Konstantinos Karavelas

My name is Kostas, and I am a master student in Computer Engineering (CE). Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated by electronics and wanted to know more about how computers work. Thus, after my bachelor in Electrical Engineering, I chose to expand and deepen my knowledge in computing systems and that is why I applied to TU Delft. The CE program focuses on how the hardware & software systems work, as well as the interaction between the two. As a result, the program not only met but exceeded my expectations.

During my study years in Delft, I came across people working in student teams, either as part of their studies or even full time. I was amazed by the fact that students built advanced machines in such a short time frame and at the same time acquired skills and knowledge that would otherwise take years to develop. Even though I was very satisfied with the projects and assignments of my studies, I realized that being a part of a Dream Team and working in the Dreamhall, is one of the best experiences that TU Delft has to offer.

That is why, when I found out that the Hyperloop team is going to compete for the next year’s competition, I decided to apply for a full-time position. After a series of interviews, I was assigned to the lead position in the Electronics & Software department and soon began working on the new Delft Hyperloop pod. During the design phases, I had the opportunity to work on different subsystems with a variety of people, giving me a hands-on experience of what is to work in a multi-disciplined and multi-cultural environment. In addition, I got to experience the full design cycle, from early concepts all the way to manufacturing, testing and deployment.

I would definitely recommend participating in a Dream Team for at least a year, to anyone who is interested in learning more about his field of expertise, while building a machine that will make him feel immensely proud.  Although it is a very demanding and sometimes stressful endeavor, the rewards make it worth it. The only requirements are the eagerness to learn, the persistence in times of difficulty and the motivation to become a better engineer.

- Konstantinos Karavelas