Testimonial Oxana Oosterlee

One year after starting my year in the Delft Hyperloop team, I can really say that time has flown by. In one year, a lot happened. Starting from a conceptual phase, to a detailed design phase, to actual production and testing. Going through this whole cycle in only one year is quite hectic (multiple all-nighters were pulled), but also a lot of fun.

One of my goals for this year was to really develop my practical engineering skills, which I did. I made all printed circuit boards for the low-voltage system, decided on all the sensors and the cabling, and did programming for testing the system.  A lot of the skills I learned aren’t things you generally do during your studies, which makes a year in a dreamteam a very valuable addition to your studies in my opinion.

Next to that, I also encountered working with people from different disciplines for the first time. Different disciplines within the team need to work together, and also adjust their designs to fit with each other. This requires a lot of planning and, more importantly, communication. It can be quite frustrating when a mechanical department tells you last-minute that they want an extra or different sensor when the electrical design has pretty much already finished. But from these frustrations you also learn being flexible, and you learn how to fix problems that suddenly come up. A lot of problems come up during a year like this. From radically changing designs, to sudden long component lead-times and things breaking down all the time. But, you noticeably become better with coping with these problems as time progresses.

I can say that I look back at an amazing year in which I learned a lot, but also had a great time with all the other people in the team. One thing I will definitely never forget is the first test run our Hyperloop Pod did in the big Hyperloop tube at SpaceX in Los Angeles. After it came to a successful stop the whole team was just shouting in excitement because finally we saw our ‘baby’ run and it was clear that one year of hard work did pay off! That will definitely be a moment that I will remember for a long time.

- Oxana Oosterlee