Testing week part 2/3

Day 3 and day 4 we suffered some setbacks while testing our pod, and have had to perform some repairs. In this blog, we will explain all about it!

Safer braking system

We have spent day 2 improving our braking system and making it safer. Due to changes in the regulation, a pressure relief valve has been added to the braking assembly, as well as a flow restrictor that has been added to the filling station, both for additional safety. Subsequently, we did (and filmed) some tests in our workshop to prove to SpaceX the system is now okay. Fortunately, the brakes have been approved now!

Delayed functional test

Day 4, we suffered a delay due to a problem related to our motor controller. After many hours, we have solved the problem. The plan was to do both the functional and vacuum test today, but due to the short amount of time we had left, we were only able to do the functional test. We are really happy we have passed this test, but with mixed feelings! The competition is very strong, so it is very nerve wrecking!

Lunch team

A well-oiled team needs a well-oiled support crew providing tools, missing parts, and food to the team. Sometimes, we cannot find a table to prepare our sandwiches on, so we're forced to be creative!