Testing week part 3/3

The last few testing days have been a rollercoaster of happenings and emotions during testing. Here you can read the full story!

Long days and short nights

In the night of day 4, a few team members worked until deep in the night to improve our software and electronics after the setbacks of that day. Meanwhile, our Technical Manager Maurits is focusing on the testing procedures and the planning of the next day.

On day 5, we had the ambitious plan to do 3 tests: the navigation, state diagram transition, and external sub track test. The first two were successfully completed, but due to unforeseen issues with our motor, we were not able to get our wheel spinning...

More setbacks

On day 6, the problems continued and we couldn't get our vehicle running. We tried and failed to do an external sub track test that day. We once again decided to work throughout the night.

From the operating table...

Day 7 at 3 in the morning we thought all hope was lost. The motor wasn't working, and the last Hercules board (the brain of our pod) had short-circuited deeming it useless. We spend hours to find a replacing part, but with no luck.

But then, a plot twist. Suddenly, we found one extra spare Hercules board, and hope returned! We raced to SpaceX to solve the other issues, because we were still hugely lagging behind the competition. We had only one day to fix our motor issues, do a vacuum test, an external track test, and an open air Hyperloop test. But luck was on our side, and we completed all tests flawlessly. At 11PM, all we had to do was the last test before the finals, the open air Hyperloop track test.

... to a spot in the finals

After two successful open air Hyperloop runs, we heard that we were admitted to the finals! The relief is enormous, and we are so glad we made it!