Wiring Tree


I first heard about the Hyperloop concept in the second year of my Bachelor's during a break between lectures, when some of the team members were looking to recruit new students for the team. Due to limited time, I could not apply then. Fast forward one and a half years later, I was working to pass my final courses to complete my Bachelor's when I saw the poster for new recruitment. Already filled with passion and excitement for new world-changing technology, I immediately knew that I wanted to be part of the Hyperloop team for the 2018 competition.


This year, the competition is all about speed. And with great speed, comes great responsibility. For a vehicle traveling so fast, we need near real-time communication at any moment, to make sure that every system is working properly, and that we can take appropriate actions if necessary. My role in the team is to ensure exactly this; that the team has a fast and reliable way to communicate with the pod during the competition.


In order to decide on the best system for the task, I had to research nearly every possibility for means of communication (including both hardware and software) and also engineer my way to what is now known as the Communication Hub of the pod. The Communication Hub is the bridge between the main computer inside the pod and Mission Control during competition. It makes sure that we receive all data from sensors aboard the pod and that we can also control the pod at any point during the competition.


Being in Delft Hyperloop, I get to apply many things I have learned during my Bachelor's including researching, software engineering, testing but most importantly, the ability to rapidly respond to different system requirements. Apart from just applying my knowledge, I have also learned the invaluable skills of working in a big team with great engineers and how to communicate effectively to work toward the common goal.


Elon Musk once said: ``Life cannot just be about solving one sad problem after another. There need to be things that inspire you, that make you glad to wake up in the morning and be part of humanity." Working in the Hyperloop team and sharing the same passion and excitement of others just grabs you. My year in the Delft Hyperloop team has been one of the most profound experiences of my life, and I am excited to see how the future of the Hyperloop unfolds.